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    2. Our Background 2018-05-10T16:14:56+00:00

      About Us

      Our Background

      Established in 1978, Elite Industrial Holdings?Limited is an international comprehensive?industrial entity. We are committed to providing?customers with diversified and innovative?products and services as well as better living?standard.

      Rooted in Hong Kong, the business of Elite Group?has expanded to other continents, encompassing?diverse areas such as the development and?production of mechanical, electronic, optical?equipment, precision machinery, business?machines and high-technology products. With?advanced technology, excellent quality and?professional services, Elite has more than ten?subsidiary enterprises nowadays, and plays a?leading role in the electronics and?telecommunications industry.

      Elite Group possesses an extensive, experienced?team of professionals. We are headquartered in?Hong Kong, with factories and properties located?in Shenzhen Nantau, Dongguan, Shaoguan,?Changshu, and distribution offices around the?world including China, Europe, US and Latin?America.

      With precise market acumen, innovative ideas?and cost-effective production technology, we are?committed to bringing creative solutions into the?marketplace and integrating with new?technology to maximize the benefits of our?customers. Our sophisticated design expertise?and vertical integrated networks allow the?products the flexibility to meet the needs of?various markets around the world.

      Quality and Assurance

      Elite Group provides customers with excellence products over the years, and wins the customer confidence by delivering the "Safe","Secure", "Environmental Friendly" qualities.

      Quality is always our top priority. We have?obtained the ISO9000 attestation and acquired?the ISO9001 and ISO9002 certificates in the?early 90s. In 2001, we have passed the ISO14001?system attestation of Norway DNV and the?ISO9000 and 2000 of the German TUVs.

      Our professional services and excellent quality?have earned us the confidence of our customers?and close partnerships with world-renowned?establishments. Elite Group purchased OLYMPIA,?a legend German brand with over 110 years of?history, from AEG in 1994.

      Elite Group adheres to the philosophy of "unconventional thinking; operation system?optimization; research and development focus" and fully utilizes the international platform to?expand business opportunities as well as?developing innovative products. We manage?international brands such as Cobra Electronics,?Motorola Outdoor and MEDTRON from?Germany.

      In recent years, Elite Group is actively engaging?in the business of commercial leasing and?property development. A landmark project with?mixed residential, retail and commercial services?has been launched in Nanshan District, Shenzhen?during 2015.